Ethnic and religious conflict in nigeria

Communal conflicts in nigeria communal conflicts in nigeria can be divided into two broad categories: ethnic conflicts, attributed to actors primarily divided by cultural, ethnic, or religious communities and identities. Nigeria, the giant of africa, most populous black nation in the world, and home to the highest number of indigenous languages spoken is to a large extent one of the most religious countries in the world an almost equal number of the country's population are either christians or muslims. Nigerian police blamed the most recent violence on tribal differences over land but a radical islamist group, boko haram, claimed responsibility on this episode of inside story we ask: how dangerous is the religious and political divide in nigeria and what is the solution to this ongoing conflict. Read this essay on religious conflict in nigeria come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays get the knowledge you need in indeed, nigeria adventure into pluralism of religions and ethnic diversities owns its origin to colonial conquest which permeated the entire continent of. Religious membership in nigeria is strongly tied to ethnicity ancient nigeria comprises of many religions which are practiced by different ethnic groups, but according to emenloye (2011), there is usually an inseparable linkage between ethnic and religious conflicts in a multi-ethnic society such.

This paper enquires into how an ethnic conflict occurs as a result of actions or decisions made by either local or state / federal government in nigeria in 2001, religious and communal fighting targeting civilians continued in several nigerian states through the year. Nigeria is neither at war nor in crisis,'' mohammed said contrary to what you may be reading on the internet, the buhari administration is putting nigeria on a solid he said naysayers are spending millions of naira to distort the true situation of things in nigeria and to discredit the administration. Hence religion should be seen as an instrument of promoting and regulating inter-ethnic or community relations if the stakeholders managing its operations work towards such mohammed ta, omar mn, bakar ia ethno-religious conflicts in nigeria: revisited journal of applied sciences research. The history of ethnicity and ethnic conflicts in nigeria is also traced back to the colonial transgressions that forced the ethnic groups of the religious and ethnic diversity eth 125 february 3, 2013 religious and ethnic diversity mormonism is a uniquely american religion, have.

Is conflict along ethnic or religious lines more common, more deadly, or more difficult to terminate is there anything inherent in religion or ethnicity that is more conducive to peaceful political mobilization or more prone to violence are the conditions under which intergroup conflict erupts similar in both. Religious and ethnic conflicts are likely to escalate as two other northern states, niger and sokoto, have bills to enforce sharia the regional and ethnic divisions in nigeria, which were fomented under decades of british colonial rule and gave rise to the biafra war in 1966, were suppressed by the military. Nigeria is tropical africa's most important country, with an estimated 110 million people and major oil resources this instructive study helps explain why it lacks a stable political framework for economic and social development in this review federalism and ethnic conflict in nigeria.

Christian ethnic groups in southern nigeria have been drawn into these religious conflicts, with their members in northern nigerian cities frequently since independence, religious and ethnic rhetoric has leveraged claims to political representation and opportunities this is bad enough and often. Nigerians- breaking free from ethno-religious captivity / nigeria don't need an ethno-religious biased leader - atiku my aim is to appeal to my fellow nigerians on how to end such stories-- such violent stories of live lost and barbarism all in the name of the supposedly religion and ethnicity. In nigeria, ethnic conflict is a highly significant social phenomena because of it complexity and the social and political threats it pose to the society the complexity of ethnic conflict in nigeria reflects on its mode of occurrence in nigeria, ethnic conflicts occur along a tri-dimensional trajectory. Modern nigeria emerged through the merging of two british colonial territories in 1914 the amalgamation was an act of colonial the south, an ethnically diverse region containing many states and three geopolitical units, is largely christian the major sociopolitical influences there are western.

Ethnicity remains the heart of identity for most nigerians, underlying religious affiliation and bedeviling efforts to moses gyok agreed that the issue of rights related to land and ethnic identity -- one these pastors also, in pam's view, overlook the more mundane causes of conflict in nigeria. 3 1 this research is made possible by the funding from the institut français de recherche en afrique (ifra), nigeria 2 comments by abubakar momoh, at the symposium on beyond sharia : interpreting recent religious and ethnic clashes in nigeria organized by centre for democracy and. The ethnic, religious and social pluralism of the country has been a tool in the hands of the political elite seeking to manipulate the sociopolitical process to its own advantage thus, nigeria's post-colonial history has been dominated by calls for secession or confederation it has been suggested that these. As a nation, nigeria is fractured along ethnic, religious and class lines, encompassing more than 158 million people and 450 ethno-linguistic groups there have also been sectarian muslim vs muslim conflicts, often sparked by local charismatic religious leaders the religious and ethnic became the. Nigeria: catholic bishops point out ethnic and economic sources of conflict in jos nigeria calls for inquiry into religious violence, runs the headline in an article by the associated press on thursday 11.

Ethnic and religious conflict in nigeria

Ethnic and religious issues are part of the most recurring issues in nigeria's body politics the issue has permeated the landscape since the colonial period and up till the present time, there seems to be no solution in sight to the accompanying conflicts of ethnic rivalry and religious intolerance15 the. Ethnic conflict has scared nigeria dating back to the slave trade and is still apparent today the clash between muslims and christians throughout the nigerian state has yosuf ali, one of many authors of ethno-religious conflicts and democracy in nigeria: challenges believes high unemployment and. Ethno-religious conflict in nigeria by basil ugorji copyright © 2016 international center for ethno-religious mediation all rights reserved currently exist between, among and within ethnic and religious groups in nigeria the delegates unanimously agreed that the new wave of religious. The conflict in plateau state is economic and ethnic with a religious dimension with good governance, these differences could be managed but, as elsewhere in nigeria, residents accuse local and state government personalities of fanning identity-based divisions to advance their own political.

  • Start studying ethnic and religious conflict learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools -a people or group that shares a common history, language, religion, or other cultural elements -establishes a nationality or an imagined political community -can promote.
  • Ethnic, religious and political tensions are discussed ✔ check out all the trending latest news news in nigeria & world right now on naijang let's start by examining the causes of conflict in nigeria from a religious perspective the main reason for this is an intolerance between religious groups.

Consequently, the explosion of nationalist and ethnic conflicts was a great surprise the attention for the role of religion in conflicts has been stimulated by positive and negative developments, including the desecularisation of the world and the rise of religious conflicts. Ethnic conflict has been a major issue in international relations despite the decrease of ethnic conflicts in the world (gurr, 2000, in payne it will define ethnic conflict, as well as discussing the factors that cause ethnic conflict there are also links to books on ethnic conflict near the end of. This book explains why conflicts in africa are sometimes ethnic and sometimes religious, and why a conflict might change from ethnic to religious even as the opponents remain fixed 1994 religion and politics in nigeria: a study in middle belt christianity london: british academic press.

ethnic and religious conflict in nigeria Since 1982, nigeria has experienced more than ten large scale ethnic or religious riots in its major cities inspired by ethno-religious conflicts which occur in a frequent, incessant and violent manner in the contempor.
Ethnic and religious conflict in nigeria
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